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Dine With 9’s Los Angeles event planning staff will help you reach your goals for a successful event. Some of the benefits of hiring our staff of professional event planners include making the most of your budget, managing time & meeting deadlines, securing quality vendors, and giving you a chance to experience your event as a guest. We work behind the scenes as a seamless, coordinated entity, providing the services that support your event's objectives along with a service-rich tradition of event planning expertise.
Our staff brings scrupulous attention to detail when coordinating and managing the following services:
invitations, disk jockeys, master of ceremony, venue design & decor, dramatic lighting, photographers, memorable entertainment, valet service, location booking, security, gift bags, party rentals and more.
Whether it’s a an art exhibition, bar or bat mitzvah, fundraiser, charity luncheon, film premier, corporate event, wedding or your next holiday party at home, you’ll see why everyone loves to Dine With 9 for Los Angeles event planning.
We have Los Angeles corporate event planners for all of your corporate event planning needs. Our Los Angeles wedding planning staff will make you special day more amazing than you could have imagined. Call us today!

Capture Life & Make It Timeless with Photography by Amy Shiotani
Save money on your next catering event with seasonal menus.
Keep your film crew satisfied with a variety of delicious menus from around the world.
Try a healthy, new recipe that will keep your taste buds dancing.
See photos of previous events that will inspire you.
Join our culinary and event planning team in Los Angeles or San Francisco.
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