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Enjoy the benefits of a Los Angeles private chef or San Francisco personal chef in your home. Dine With 9?s Private Chefs make it affordable and convenient. You pick the date and the menu. One of our Los Angeles private chefs or San Francisco private chefs will arrive at your home to prepare a fabulous meal for that special occasion or private dinner. If you enjoy the intimacy of Los Angeles private parties, you know having a private chef sets the tone for an evening to remember.
Our chefs use fresh vegetables and herbs along with premium cuts of meat, fish and poultry. We have the perfect chef to meet your needs:

Vegetarian or Vegan
Healthy Meals that Kids will actually LOVE
Acid Reflux, Alkaline Booster or Food Allergies
Gluten Free Diet
Low Carb
Weight Loss/Energy Booster Diet
And more?

Consider having one of our Los Angeles personal chefs or San Francisco private chefs prepare an intimate meal for your next anniversary, birthday celebration or just to relax and enjoy a wonderful meal at home. Choose from our catering menu or allow our chefs to create a masterpiece in your kitchen just for you.


Call today at 818.769.1883 to schedule a Los Angeles private chef or a San Francisco personal chef.

Save money on your next catering event with seasonal menus.
Keep your film crew satisfied with a variety of delicious menus from around the world.
Try a healthy, new recipe that will keep your taste buds dancing.
See photos of previous events that will inspire you.
Join our culinary and event planning team in Los Angeles or San Francisco.
Phone:- 818-769-1883
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